Balloon Ride Bamberg Area

You are looking for a sightseeing tour? Bamberg Cathedral at the transition point from late Romanesque to early Gothic style with its world-famous Bamberg Horseman, the Old Town Hall built in the middle of the Regnitz river, the St. Michael's Abbe...

from € 209.001)

Balloon Ride Bayreuth Area

Hand in hand with our pilot, you will make the hot-air balloon ready for take-off at the launch site. Once the balloon has taken off and is gaining height, an ever more breathtaking view will open up before your eyes. While Bayreuth is passing bel...

from € 209.001)

Balloon Ride Coburg Area

A balloon ride in the Coburg region? Float away from the worries of the day into almost absolute silence! When the landscapes below you are getting smaller and smaller, you automatically leave your daily life behind. Only the hissing of the burner...

from € 209.001)

Balloon Ride Forchheim Area

Enjoy this meditative silence! Float over the roofs of your homeland and enjoy a unique panorama. Surrounded by the extensive Steigerwald mountains in the west and one of the most beautiful recreation areas throughout Germany, the Franconian Switz...

from € 209.001)

Balloon Ride Hof Area

Pure pleasure! Landscapes rich in variety between the Bavarian uplands of the Franconian Forest and the Fichtel Hills with connections to the Thuringian Slate Mountains. Experience recreation in quiet wooded valleys and idyllic rivers. Before the ...

from € 209.001)

Balloon Ride Kronach Area

Do you know the longing feeling when standing on the ground and watching a hot-air balloon floating noiselessly in the skies? A feeling of silence, peace and freedom? Stop watching – hop in and enjoy the particular atmosphere of a balloon ride at ...

from € 209.001)

Balloon Ride Kulmbach Area

Embark on an exceptional journey with us! Who doesn't like to experience the exciting atmosphere when the balloon takes-off? Enjoy viewing the landscape from an altitude of 500 metres, below you the city of Kulmbach with its medieval city fortific...

from € 209.001)

Balloon Ride Lichtenfels Area

Is it your biggest dream to experience freedom above the clouds? Have you always wanted to float along in a balloon and view for example the Staffelberg mountain and other places of interest such as Banz Abbey from above? If so, a balloon ride in ...

from € 209.001)

Fly & go "Upper Franconia" (only region selectable)

Our savings tariff fly & go! Enjoy a balloon trip in Upper Franconia with Sky Adventure. The hot air balloon starts from one of our numerous launch sites in a region of Upper Franconia. The AIR-voucher is ideal for flexible passengers who would li...

from € 169.001)

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