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Brief description

Our savings tariff fly & go! Enjoy a balloon trip in Upper Franconia with Sky Adventure. The hot air balloon starts from one of our numerous launch sites in a region of Upper Franconia. The AIR-voucher is ideal for flexible passengers who would like to try ballooning with us. Book your breezy adventure now and save moeny!

Detailed description

Hand in hand with our pilot, you will make the balloon ready for take-off under his expert guidance. So you can witness each and every move at first hand. Once the balloon envelope has been filled, you can hop in the basket and begin your balloon ride. Slowly you will gain altitude and a breathtaking panoramic view will open up before your eyes.

Towards the end of the balloon ride, the pilot will watch out for an appropriate landing site and bring you back safely. Of course, the traditional balloonist baptism with the handing out of a personal certificate is also part of this balloon adventure!

The pilot inform you from which start area in Upper Franconia the balloon ride will start.

• Bamberg area • Bayreuth area • Coburg area
• Forchheim area • Hof area • Kronach area
• Kulmbach area • Lichtenfels area

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Brief description

• Jointly making ready and taking down the balloon
• 60 to 90 minute balloon ride with an experienced pilot
• Cruising around the surroundings or crossing a nearby town
• Traditional balloonist baptism with champagne
• Personal certificate and GPS track in 3D for Google Earth

Participation criteria

• Minimum height: 1.30 m
• Minimum age: 12 years
• Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adults
• Normal physical condition
• No pregnancy
• No newly-operated persons

What to bring

for the balloon ride:
• Comfortable, weatherproof clothing
• Flat, sturdy footwear
• Headgear
• Sun glasses

Important information

The practicability of the ride is dependent on:
• Visual flight conditions
• Wind conditions
• Weather conditions (stable)

Here you will receive final information on the start of the hot-air balloon on the booked date, in particular with precise information on start region, start location and start time:
• Sunset rides: At lunch time of the booked start date from 01:00 pm to 01:30 pm.
• Sunrise rides: The evening before the booked start date from 09:30 pm to 10:00 pm.


Spectators are warmly invited and can join us in our return-vehicle which is in radio contact with the hot-air balloon during the entire ride.

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